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The Community Hub (TCH) is a consulting agency that introduces engaging and collaborative problem-solving techniques to social issues. Based in Egypt, TCH was founded in 2019 by two Egyptian Community Psychologists who are interested in understanding the dynamics and structures within communities.


Our co-founders are experts in the fields of assessment, monitoring and evaluation and gender issues. TCH also works with a pool of experts in the areas of education, child protection, economic empowerment, environment and sustainable development, inclusion, arts and culture among many others.

Our Work

Over the years, we collaborated and partnered with many social businesses, companies, Non-Governmental Organizations, private and public sector entities on national, regional, and international levels to co-create innovative solutions, systems, and interventions to sustain positive impact in our communities.
What we work on

Our Focus Areas

With our experts, we partner with different organizations, companies, and entities to understand the needs of communities and support impact-driven solutions on our focus areas.

Gender Issues

We collaborate with entities and stakeholders to mainstream gender equity, support, and accessibility among our communities through gender mainstreaming projects, supporting provision, and capacity building.


Through our partnerships with stakeholders and our youth-led entrepreneurship platform, Routes, we work for a more accessible, supportive, and inclusive entrepreneurship ecosystem for youth in Egypt and the region.

Disability Inclusion

We work with different communities, experts, and stakeholders to build more inclusive environments and communities that respect and support people with disabilities.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

With our Community Psychology and wellbeing experts, we focus on supporting communities’ mental health and wellbeing through implementing mental health awareness campaigns and providing Psycho-Social Support (PSS) training programs.

Impact & Sustainability

Our Impact Management and Measurement (IMM) experts support impact-driven organizations and social businesses by collaborating to establish IMM systems, conduct community assessments, create content to communicate their impact, and provide recommendations for future directions.
What we do


We offer different services to our clients, partners, stakeholders, and communities to bring about positive, sustainable impact.
Influencing and Promotion
We are dedicated to supporting individuals and communities by creating platforms that make their voices heard and support them in accessing information and services. We tackle issues such as wellbeing and gender equality through services and tools such as awareness campaigns, and storytelling sessions. We also work on promoting entrepreneurship and start-up jobs to university students through our youth entrepreneurship platform, Routes.
Capacity Building
We aim to make organizations more impactful, more efficient, and more sustainable. To do that, TCH offers a wide range of training programs, designs content and manuals, and one-on-one consultations within its focus areas.  In addition, TCH is keen on advocating inclusion and safety in the workplace, & promoting wellbeing in organizations through services such as anti-harassment and safeguarding policies, wellbeing entrepreneurship programs and inclusion and capacity building programs for startups, SMEs and corporates.
Community Assessments and Evaluation
TCH offers assessments for community projects to measure change, efficiency, effectiveness, relevance, sustainability, and impact of the interventions being done. Assessments result in tailored recommendations to improve program implementation and expand on existing opportunities.

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